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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Read no further if you care about how this one ends.

“The Finley ‘Murder’ Tapes” it says on the video box cover. I knew going into this that this was probably B.S.

Guess what? It’s B.S.

Put out there quickly enough to garner the interest of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY fans, this is the supposedly real story of Thomas Finley and how he is allegedly responsible for the murder of his sister, a paranormal investigator and the suicide of his mother.

The movie is about the video documentation of a haunting that a mother and her two teen kids experience. The demonic entity manages to knock over Dad’s cremated ashes, walks through them and leaves (human) footprints up the walls and onto the ceiling. No one thought to do the “cloven hoof” prints on the walls and ceiling during breaks between filming.

Although the “integrity” of the reality show-like atmosphere is maintained, a listing of the cast members appears on the Wikipedia page entry for this movie.

The final “are you effin’ kidding me?” moment comes when they show the sister’s body, pretty much like you see it on the DVD cover, all covered in blood. But, when they cut back to it, she’s all cleaned up with only a wound over her left breast.


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